How SUP-Board Works

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP is a fun activity in the water. With the help of the protected gear you can paddle ocean surf like lakes and rivers, there are no waves required.

But what is

SUP-board brings a full body exercise or workout. It became a popular cross-training activity. The SUP-Board requires you to stand up in your full height to enjoy the view in the sea.

This activity has a require gear to keep you safe and secured while doing the workout.

Paddleboarding Gear:

  • Stand up palled board
  • Paddle
  • PFD ( Personal Flotation Device )
  • Proper clothing
  • Sun Protection

The SUP-Board is a water sports which the participants are pushed by a swimming motion with the use of their arms while they are kneeling on a paddleboard in the ocean or lakes.

How does SUP-Board works?

In performing the paddleboarding you must have the full idea how it really works. Don’t try if you are a first timer especially if you don’t know how to swim. You must hire a professional waterman to help you and guide you on how to do the SUP-Board.

If you are curious how the paddleboarding works on water, you must start first in calm water. At first it is easy to kneel on the board than to stand upright; here are the steps on how to perform well the paddleboarding:

  1. You must stand alongside of the board in shallow water first, then place the paddle across the board deck to trace outrigger. Its paddle grip is on its rail, the blade rests into the water.
  2. You must hold the rails on the board and your one hand will hold the paddle.
  3. Put yourself onto the board in a kneeling position in the center point.
  4. In your kneeling position try to balance yourself on the board.
  5. To stabilize yourself on the board you need to keep your hands on whichever side of the board.

Once you are now ready to paddle, stand up in your full height with one foot at a time to maintain balance. You may also ask a friend to help you stabilize the board on the water.

When you are already on the water and ready to paddle you must do these following steps:

  1. Your feet must be parallel, with hip-width distance apart, if you stand on the rails you may fall.
  2. Keep your knees bent, your toes must keep pointed forward, your back must be straight.
  3. You may get your balance from your hip not the upper body
  4. You should keep your head and shoulders upright, you can ship your weight by your moving hips
  5. Avoid looking at your feet you must look straight forward at the horizon
  6. Like riding on a bicycle when your speed increases your balance or stability on the board will also increase.

These steps will help you perform the SUP-Board well. With using the proper outfit and the proper gears you can have a great time paddling across oceans, lakes and rivers.


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